Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm a crunchie!

I just learned a new term. Crunchie. It covers those of us who fall in the granola eating, baby sling wearing, whole foods eating, attachment parenting folks. I never really was a hippie, yuppie, generation X'r (or whatever it was they came up with) and honestly, I don't really know if I need to I have a label. But it is kind of fun to know there is a term out there for folks like me. Hmmmm...... time to go make some granola bars.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hippie Dress

Finally got my man to take a picture of this beauty. The skirt came together smothly, but the shirt was another matter. I had to add the patches to the back becasue it was way to tight and didn't flatter me at all. I actually like the extra patches in the back and may do that again on another project....this time on purpose.

Sometimes it is the small accidents or trials when things don't go our way that make us look at things in a new and more creative way. Beautiful.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I want candy

What is it about Halloween time that makes me want to gorge on chocolate? This is the start of the candy season I guess. From sneaking the kids Halloween candy until Christmas I will probably indulge a little. Even though we try to eat natual and healthy whole food, it is hard to pass up some free candy. I have started eating the candy that is supposed to go in the pinata for the spooky party. Next time I should buy Nerds or something that is not high up on my list of yummy candies.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are you French?

Why do women shave their legs? Really do they enjoy feeling prickly hair growth every day? Do they like wasting platic razors, water and time in the shower everyday? Do they enjoy having something else to add to their already busy lives? I don't shave. Pits or legs. I am shocked how many people think this is strange.

I was asked at the library story time last week if I was French. Nope, just living simple and happy and leaving my legs alone. Nice, soft, rub up against in bed, furry and I am saving the earths resources in my small little way.

Try it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Love Your Mother Earth!

Recycling can be taking your empty cans and stuff to a recycling center or curbside pickup, but also remember to reuse. Those empty yogurt containers make great free tupperware. It not only saves the plastic from the trash, but you don't need to buy any real tupperware to put your leftovers in. Smaller containers are great for starting seeds next spring. Plastic tubs make fun toys too or neat spots for a collection of acorns. When you reuse before you recycle you can reduce your need to spend money and reduce your need to fill our already taxed planet up with more garbage. We all win. Recycle!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Party Favors?

Anyone with ideas for cheap or homemade party favors kids would love? I hate to buy the plastic stuff, but this is a tough one. The party approches....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cheap Party

While planning a "Spooky Party" as my son calls it I went to the store for some milk and butter. While there we stopped to look at the Halloween aisle ... a fun filled place full of try me buttons and huge spooky decorations. I looked at tons of cheap and pretty cool party favors. Things the kids at the party would LOVE. Little Halloween flashlights, plastic spiders, etc. I actually picked up the plastic flashlights and put them in the basket before I said STOP! No more plastic stuff. I don't need to spend money on plastic spiders. So even though this stuff is cheap and fun, I have to recommit to not spending money and we went home and made spiders out of paper. It was a lot more fun then opening a plastic bag. We cut out 8 legs, glued them on the body and hung them on a spider web made out of string and glue. While out shopping it is so tempting to just go for the cheap plastic items, but being creative is truly rewarding ( and you can be sure there isn't any lead in them). Each dollar counts too and I am happy to say I didn't fall into the easy and fake spider web and spider decorations and I saved money at the same time.