Friday, October 12, 2007

Cheap Party

While planning a "Spooky Party" as my son calls it I went to the store for some milk and butter. While there we stopped to look at the Halloween aisle ... a fun filled place full of try me buttons and huge spooky decorations. I looked at tons of cheap and pretty cool party favors. Things the kids at the party would LOVE. Little Halloween flashlights, plastic spiders, etc. I actually picked up the plastic flashlights and put them in the basket before I said STOP! No more plastic stuff. I don't need to spend money on plastic spiders. So even though this stuff is cheap and fun, I have to recommit to not spending money and we went home and made spiders out of paper. It was a lot more fun then opening a plastic bag. We cut out 8 legs, glued them on the body and hung them on a spider web made out of string and glue. While out shopping it is so tempting to just go for the cheap plastic items, but being creative is truly rewarding ( and you can be sure there isn't any lead in them). Each dollar counts too and I am happy to say I didn't fall into the easy and fake spider web and spider decorations and I saved money at the same time.

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