Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get a job????

Why do people seem to think I need a job. My mother in law pushes me to sell produce from a larger garden, a friend of mine tried to talk me into making a selling soaps.... all within the week. What is it with people and capitalism? It isn't enough to stay at home and be a mom, you have to sell marykay or pampered chef or eggs or your sewing or anything. I feel that all the money I save by working to make applesauce or grape jelly(this week's project) or by saving money by making our own yogurt is my job. Wouldn't working, even if it is working from home, take away from some of that. Making me more tired, make me feel like we need to order out or buy some expensive convenience foods all wrapped up in their plastic packages in order to make up for the time I divert to a selling from home venture.

I have to admit, I could make money if I wanted to... but I don't. I think I will just keep on playing with the kids, enjoying life and saving my family money by simply not spending it! That is my kind of job!

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