Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finished Skirt

I just love batik fabrics! The skirt is beautiful. Deep purples and blues...gorgeous. The top is another story. Maybe I can make it work. It just isn't flattering. I tried to follow a pattern, but I probably should have just made it from scratch because it might have looked better. I think it is just too tight. Maybe I can add some patches somewhere.

My husband likes the purple batik so much he asked if I could make a matching tie for him to wear to the wedding. If I can pull it off, what a stylie couple we will be! Never made a men's tie before and this isn't like a fancy silk tie or anything. Well, it is worth a try. Better get out the iron for this one. I looked for free men's tie patterns on line but didn't have any luck. I guess I will just try to copy one of his existing ties. Back to work!

What a life. It is nice to be able to save money and stay at home and give myself time for creative projects like this. Back when I was in the rat race, running from daycare to work, back to daycare and then home I barely had enought time to make a nice dinner. Today for snack I made yummy carrot raisen muffins. Living cheap and happy.... the only way to go!

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