Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apple time and lots of applesauce

You can't go wrong with free apples and I now have a basement full of them. These beautiful Paula Reds are not good for the market due to some scarring so the neighbor of my in-laws offered the apples for free to feed their horses. Well, the apples are slowing turning into applesauce. Yes, we gave a bunch to the horses too.

Every year it seems I forget how much work canning is, although I know it is worth the effort. Last year we canned 52 quarts so we would have a quart a week and they have been long gone. I don't know how long I will be at it this year, but now with 2 kids I am mostly working at night and am averaging about 6 quarts a night.

The Paula Reds make a great applesauce and you don't need to add any sugar.

Well, back to work in the kitchen. I will try to think of opening this delicious free food in January as I chop and mash apples yet again tonight.

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