Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chinese Apple Juice?

As I squish all the pulp from these free apples, I wonder about the origin and market of apples. My sister just realized the apple juice she was buying her kids was made in China. Check yours... a lot is made there. With all the kids toys recalls and all, how is it that people are still buying this stuff. Also, how can it be that there is no market for the farmer who has grown these beautiful and sweet Paula red apples. They would certainly make a great juice too.

By the way, my dear husband did 11 quarts of applesauce today. That is two nights less of apple saucing for me. Yeah!

Well, shop locally. If you can support your local farmers, you may be suprised how many have apples to spare this time of year. Also reduce fuel emissions, all that traveling to get apples here from China. Wouldn't it be a better planet if we all shopped locally. Then maybe more people would think about things before adding pollution to the air like my stinky plastic burning neighbors... well that is another sad story.

Back to the sauce....

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