Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hippie Skirt.

So, I cut out 8 panels of cool batik fabric for the skirt. I have 4 in a purple tie dye looking one and then 2 each of other batiks. Should be pretty funky. I am sure it will be cooler than any store bought dress. I need help with the top. A fall wedding out at Lake Michigan could be pretty cold this time of year, and so far I have only sewn cool tank tops - I am not so sure about the whole idea of sewing sleeves. I need to practice that sometime when I hvae more time.

Well, kids are napping. I am going back to the applesauce. My basement is still full of apples. We will not run out of applesauce this year. I also have a house full of fruit flies. I went to war with them yesterday swatting at a bunch of them and setting out vinegar and dishsoap traps. How else can a busy canning mama get rid of those nasty flies?

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