Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wedding outfit a success!

The dress turned out beautiful, I hope to post a picture soon. My husband got many compliments on the matching tie too. I can only imagine how many people there actually spent money on a new tie or dress.

I heard some of the women talking about the uncomfortable new shoes. One girl said they were cheap, so I feel like I already got my moneys worth out of them - as she was carrying them around, probably with blisters on her toes. You know it isn't about the shoes or even the money. You can have a good time and look cool in your old comfortable shoes and an almost free homemade dress (mine cost $16). Sometimes people try too hard and I wish they could understand how much better they would feel if they lived the simple life. She wouldn't have had to spend gas money going to the store to buy those new shoes. Wouldn't have to trash or recycle the packaging and most of all, wouldn't have feet that hurt! It would have been better for the earth (fewer wated resources) and better for her poor feet (no blisters). The groom and bride certainly wouldn't have cared. So why is it people feel this need to spend money and use up resources?

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